Oxygen generators

i-Flow O2 Generators: Cost effective on demand oxygen generation system

On demand oxygen generation system

i-Flow O2 is a modular & expandable Pressure Swing Adsoprtion (PSA) O2 generator. Our industrial oxygen gas generator utilizes synthetic Zeolite molecular sieve purification technology to supply high quality, high purity oxygen, at up to 480 L/min, at 5.0 bar pressure and consistent purity. 

i-Flow O2 provides a complete O2 industrial oxygen generator, capable of producing a continuous flow & on-demand volume of high-quality oxygen for use in applications such as aquaculture systems & fish farms, sewage & wastewater treatment facilities also provinding an oxy acetylene for welding, cutting & brazing and glass-blowing and lampwork.

Designed with the cost of oxygen, efficiency, safety & reliability in mind, the i-Flow O2 oxygen generator can be offered as part of a full turnkey solution, incorporating everything required to generate a high quality, industrial oxygen gas supply, on-site and on-demand.

Key Features

  • Cost effective industrial grade oxygen, available on-demand - no more gas deliveries! 
  • Highly reliable & uninterrupted on-site supply of oxygen for industrial applications 
  • 6 flow rate models available – 90, 180, 240, 320, 400 and 480 L/min at 90% purity (up to 94% purity available)**
  • Verified purity, independently tested by the National Physical Laboratory
  • Expandable capacity, with ability to increase capacity as oxygen needs grow
  • Remote monitoring, live product status information at your fingertips, wherever you are
  • Standalone or turnkey solutions available, for rapid deployment & flexibility to move as required
  • Robust safety features, including purity monitoring & bypass safeguard 
  • Energy efficient & low operating costs, with standby mode when no oxygen delivery required
  • Precision engineered and manufactured in our ISO 9001 centre of excellence 
  • Lower carbon footprint & environmentally friendly
  • Quality guaranteed with built-in PurityGuardTM gas monitoring & application protection system.

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*flow rate reduces as % purity increases