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i-Flow Nitrogen Skidded Generators: Cost effective on demand nitrogen generation system

Gas generation solution for food processing & packaging industries

The i-Flow Select Nitrogen Skid System is an all-in-one nitrogen supply solution engineered to produce food grade nitrogen gas for use in the food & beverage processing and packaging industry. Using the latest air filtration & gas purification technologies, i-Flow Select is capable of delivering flow rates from 105 L/min to 635 L/min* across 5 different skid models and 15 pre-configured output specifications. Compact & modular in design, i-Flow Select’s portable footprint allows for greater flexibility around installation & deployment, as well as the ability to add capacity retrospectively, to accommodate any future growth in nitrogen demands.

i-Flow Select models include the best in class, advanced compressed air treatment & filtration technologies, for effective removal of contaminants, accumulated condensate & any potential oils or vapours, helping to ensure only the cleanest, driest & highest quality of food grade nitrogen is supplied to your application.


Key Features


  • All-in-one solution - A complete nitrogen generation system, including air filtration, piping, tank & generator - all mounted on a compact, convenient & pallet sized metal skid.
  • Economical & sustainable - A cost effective solution that eliminates the need for bulk nitrogen gas delivery forever.
  • Compact & portable - The i-Flow Select nitrogen skid is a compact solution with fixed footprint, designed for easy installation, maintenance & can be moved retrospectively, as required.
  • Energy saving technology - An innovative ‘Standbymode’ ensures the lowest running costs by automatically managing output, based on your daily demands.
  • Bypass safeguard - i-Flow Select built-in gas failsafe system, PurityGuard™, ensures only the highest quality N2 is delivered to your application.
  • Food grade industry compliance – Independently tested & verified to exceed the standards of EIGA, EC Food Grade, JECFA & US FDA (CFR Title 21).
  • High quality engineering - Manufactured & assembled in our ISO 9001 certified facility, the i-Flow Select nitrogen skid is extremely robust & requires very little daily supervision or ongoing maintenance.

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* Output flowrate is dependent on input parameters and model configuration.