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i-Flow Prime Series N2 Generators: Cost effective on demand nitrogen generation system

i-Flow Prime Series N2 Generator system

i-Flow Prime & Mini are a modular & scalable range of on-site nitrogen generation systems, capable of producing a continuous supply of nitrogen gas to meet the demands of industrial manufacturing and processing applications.

Harnessing the latest in gas purification technologies, the i-Flow range are the most cost effective, energy efficient and economical nitrogen generation systems available on the market. i-Flow nitrogen generators deliver a wide range of customizable purities and flow rates on a large scale and are suitable for use in numerous industries, including food & beverages, pharmaceuticals & biotechnology, chemicals, electronics, metal fabrication, plastics, rubbers and many more.

Key Features

  • Nitrogen gas, on-demand - 14 models, capable of supplying up to 9476 SCFH of high quality nitrogen gas, at purities ranging from 95 – 99.9995%
  • Modular expandability - Future-proof design, with simple cascading technology allows columns & generator units to be easily added as business needs grow
  • Economical & sustainable - A cost effective, environmentally friendly solution, eliminate the need for ongoing bulk nitrogen gas deliveries
  • Energy saving efficiency - i-Flow’s power saving Standby-Mode means little to no energy is wasted, keeping running costs to a minimum
  • Purity assured - Get peace of mind with our built-in PurityGuard™ gas monitoring, application safeguard system and integrated air filtration
  • Safe on-site gas supply - No more health & safety concerns over manual handling, hazardous deliveries & storage of highly pressurized cylinders or cryo-liquid tanks
  • Verified industry compliance - Independently validated, exceeding EIGA, EC Food Grade, European Pharmacopoeia, JECFA & US FDA standards
  • IoT ready - Built with current & future technologies in mind, i-Flow generators come ready with remote control & monitoring systems, along with optional interfaces for live status tracking & BMS integration


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